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Our lab focuses on exploring the interface of biology and technology. Along with our industrial and academic collaborators, we utilize interdisciplinary methods to explore how environmental chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and our everyday diets impact pregnancies. Our vision is to explore the mechanisms that may alter function of the placenta, the least understood of all human organs, and impact fetal tissues. Specifically, we focus on understanding how placental signaling may affect fetal adipose and muscle tissues. These tissues are vital players in determining the long-term metabolic health of the baby. The scope of the research in our group spans from molecules to humans. We use both animal and advanced in vitro models to uncover the complex physiological signals between the placenta and baby that may be indicators for the origins of life-long disease. Our team of students that conduct this research are supported in their laboratory-based efforts and also encouraged to be involved with community-based initiatives, which leads them to be well-rounded future leaders!

- Dr. Sandeep Raha



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Discover the research conducted by The Raha Lab centered around the impact of obesity during pregnancy, post-natal health. 

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The team behind The Raha Lab consists of dedicated Undergraduate and Graduate students .

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Take a look at how The Raha Lab interacts with their scientific work and the McMaster community. Want to take a look?

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Dr. Sandeep Raha

1280 Main Street W., Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
Phone: 905-521-2100 Ext. 76213
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Office: HSC3N11j
Email: rahas@mcmaster.ca

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